About us

Imagine if your payroll ran as smoothly as your essential utilities like electricity. But not only that, proactively went out of their way to ensure you are continually saving money and are protected from complicated legislations that put you at risk of fines and penalties.

Imagine if you never had to worry about being dependent on payroll staff, where if they suddenly leave, your employees are at risk of not getting paid correctly, if at all.

Imagine not having to invest in complicated, time consuming software with expensive license fees, complex API’s to connect with other systems all so you can run your payroll smoothly.

Truth is you don’t have to imagine any more…

I set up Intelligent Payroll to completely remove the worry, anxiety and unnecessary complications that burden companies when it comes to payroll. You shouldn’t need a finance degree to run payroll, nor should you be penalised by HMRC for when things are accidently missed.
My vision is simple, deliver the best payroll service that works so well for your company, you won’t even realise it is there.

Minhaz Moosa


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