If you can get back 20% of your time without any cost, do you think that is a good investment?

If you can get back 20% of your time without any cost, do you think that is a good investment?

It's a no brainer, right?

Unless you have a passion for doing payroll this is something most accountants outsource. It’s painstakingly time-consuming and monotonous. As an accountant, you know your time is better spent on your expertise not processing weekly payslips.

Outsourcing payroll isn’t new. All the leading accountants do this as it just makes financial and business sense. You can easily earn additional revenue without doing any of the work. You can expand your services like auto-enrolment pensions, providing tremendous value to your clients whilst earning pure profit as a result.

The only question remains which payroll bureau to go with.

Intelligent Payroll for Smart accountants​

With a gazillion payroll bureaus to chose from, you may be wondering why us.

When it comes to accountants we have one goal in mind.

Categorically add to your bottom line.

We want to see your business earn more by partnering with us.

This is our philosophy – if you do not profit by outsourcing to us after 12 months working with us, then we will be the first to walk away.

How we work with Accountants

Our partner programme offers 2 options, white-label or the referral scheme.

White Label

This is a great option allowing you to enhance your portfolio of services adding value to your clients. We work directly with you, under your brand giving you complete control. You can enjoy:

  • Tiered discounts – the more you whitelabel, the more profit you make
  • The option for monthly recurring revenue or upfront lump sum for each client
  • The opportunity to upsell to your clients allowing you to earn additional revenue
  • A dedicated account manager who will be your clients single point of call to give you complete peace of mind

Referral Partner

If you don’t want any of the fuss regarding payroll then becoming a referral partner is the best choice for you. You simply refer a client to us and earn pure profit as a result.

You get:

  • Tiered discounts – the more you refer the more you earn.
  • Earn monthly recurring revenue or an upfront lump sum for each client
  • Additional incentives

Join the partner programme and start earning more

Remember the most profitable accountants spend more time focusing on more valuable tax and accounts work rather than payroll compliance.