Here’s what you need to know this Payroll Tax Year-End 2021-22

Payroll year-end is fast approaching. It can be a stressful time of year for finance teams, payroll bureaus and accountants, but with help from Intelligent Payroll, it doesn’t have to be.

Key Dates

Payroll year end is a busy period, so keeping an organised and up to date calendar is vital. Keeping track of the below dates will ensure your payroll year end process is seamless.

What you need to do and when

1. Send your final payroll FPS to HMRC 

When: On or before your employee’s pay day

2. End of the Tax Year 21/22

When: 5th April 2022

3. New Payroll Tax Year 22/23

When: 6th April 2022

4. Submit your Month 12/Year End EPS

When: 19th April 2022

5. Give your employees a P60

When: by 31st May 2022

6. Report Expenses & Benefits

When: by 6th July 2022

To help you process your payroll year-end – HMRC have a step by step guide you can follow here

Our Top Tips

Check & Double Check

Before you submit your end of year payroll submission, we would recommend checking the following;

  • Details are all correct for employees
  • Payment dates are correct and line up to the date payment is made
  • Check all payment amounts
  • Check all deductions (Tax / National Insurance / Student Loans)
  • Top Tip – Ensure Pension Contributions are deducted using the correct tax relief 
  • Ensure all leavers have been processed correctly
Providing Employees with P60s

Once the final submission has been made, you will need to provide your employees with P60s. This should be done before 31st May 2022.

If your chosen payroll software is through Intelligent Payroll, your employees’ P60s will automatically be produced once the final payroll has been processed. These will be available directly to the employee on their secure pay portal.

Keep it simple

Try not to complicate the payroll process, keep it simple. You will want policies and procedures in place to ensure that your payroll system keeps things straightforward and stress-free.

Use Electronic Payslips

Using electronic payslips are faster, more efficient and more secure than traditional paper payslips.

  • Better data protection
  • Time-saving – no more printing
  • Costs savings – no more postage fees
  • Flexible access for remote workers
  • Improved employee experience
  • Better for the environment

Use automated payroll software

Using automated payroll software like Intelligent Payroll’s solution can help you manage all the above and ensure deadlines are met. 

  • Reduce errors
  • Save time and money
  • Increased data security
  • Automated reports
  • RTI filing made simple

Our clients enjoy not having to worry about the above as our dedicated team of payroll specialists will ensure all deadlines are met and that the process is simplified. All while keeping you fully in the loop. Want to know more about our solutions? Click Here


Your payroll year-end doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow our tips above and with the help of our HMRC recognised payroll software, you and your payroll team can enjoy a smooth and stress-free experience.

The payroll solution that your team has been waiting for. 

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