Are you claiming back SSP for staff on Covid?

Despite the country fighting its way to some kind of normality, employees still risk being affected by Covid.

And with no signs of the track and trace system being changed people will continue to get pinged.

Frustrating as this may be for employers who may lose out on staff having to self isolate, not to mention pay SSP as a result, there is a small glimmer of hope to make this less painful which many businesses are unaware of. Put simply you can claim the money back.

If any of your staff got  Covid and has had to take a week or two off, paying SSP is your responsibility. Depending on the amount of staff you’ve got this could all add up.

Considering it has now been over 16 months there could be a large amount of SSP that is owed back to you.

But you have to be quick!

There are already talks of the government scrapping the Coronavirus SSP Rebate scheme and the last thing you want is to miss out on that much-needed support.

If you need help with claiming it back, drop me a line and we will do all we can to help.

Speaking of SSP the government has just published a consultation stating that there will be no imminent reforms to SSP.

Why is this an issue?

To put simply, SSP has some flaws which have become more apparent during the pandemic. For example, no phased returns for employees, issues with Lower Earning Limits (LEL), and earning thresholds. With the government deciding that it will not address it, means they will do the typical bury your head in the sand approach and hope in the short term these issues will go away.

To read more on the reforms or lack of it click here>>


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