Data breaches are real, what are you doing to keep it safe?

Just last month alone May 2021 – in the UK 116 million records were breached which is a pretty low number. Yes I said low!

In April there were over 1 billion breached records according to the IT Governance website. The truth is hacking, ransomware attacks and the like have become so common. As a payroll bureau, these are some terrifying stats.

But when million-dollar companies are at risk what can an SME do to keep safe?

This is very true, they have huge budgets for IT security alone that is most likely larger than your turnover. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying and taking it seriously and to do that you need to at least acknowledge it in your strategy.

Our IT guys are doing everything they can to ensure security is paramount. This includes rigorous procedures in place, keeping data all in the UK, backups, disaster recoveries and more recently getting certified to provide additional assurance to our customers that their data is in safe hands.

We have just been accredited Cyber Essentials – a UK government certification that protects 98.5% of cyber attacks.

I would recommend all SME’s to look into this as a good starting point and also just to show your customers that the protection of their data is taken seriously.

As for those who outsource their payroll be sure to check out their security credentials. The last thing you want is your staffs’ data being exploited by some diabolical twat in their underwear.

If you want to know more on how we can handle your payroll safely whilst saving over 30% get in touch.


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